Handcrafted with passion and precision, Tread Watch is the most distinctive clock on Android!

Tread Clock is the most polished and striking clock for Android smartphones & tablets. Our cutting-edge electro-mechanical timepiece will amaze any gadget or watch lover. The clock features nine simulated tread belts along with ultra realistic, high resolution graphics and smooth animation.

In other words, it's a timepiece with class.

Use it as a standalone desk or night clock or keep it always on your Android as a Live Wallpaper!

The ultimate clock gadget.

The Tread Clock features balanced complexity and practicality, with excellent visibility that makes getting a quick read of the time a breeze. Every piece of time information is always available on the same screen.

The stunning flash of gunmetal and black will capture the curiosity of all around you.

A lifestyle clock for gadget lovers!

Be The First, Beta Test Us!

Mobigloo wants to know what you think.

We are looking for a handful of Android owners to help beta test Tread Clock on a variety of Android devices.

Drop us an email along with your device information in order to participate:

info AT mobigloo.com